Earn money by washing dogs

Wash Dog Box

The Wash Dog BOX by Wash Dog is a reliable and easy-to-use self-service dog washer. This device has been designed based on many years of experience in running self-service Wash Dog stations, in which every year, we help thousands of dogs staying clean and happy.

Standard equipment:

  • stainless steel
  • drain system with anti-hair filter
  • non-slip floor
  • time display
  • dryer
  • additional leash handle
  • coin reader

Additional equipment (options to choose from):

  • bill reader
  • payment card terminal
  • hot water tank
  • steps for the dog

Price: starts from 13 000 EUR net


The Wash Dog BOX self-service dog washer is equipped with all functions necessary to wash and dry the dog as well as accept payments.


  • The washer has the following operating programs:
  • warm water – is used to rinse the dog
  • shampoo – allows you to wash your dog with water and shampoo
  • conditioner – allows you to apply conditioner to the hair
  • drying – appropriate power and temperature
  • washing the bathtub – using a disinfectant for washing the bathtub

The washer is made of stainless steel type, used in industry with extremely high resistance to corrosion. The washing system is based on solutions used in car washes, which makes it prepared for many years of use and to perform thousands of washes.

Efficiency and economy
Self-service dog washers we are offering, are also used in our Wash Dog salons. We have implemented solutions that ensure the lowest possible operating costs, that is the consumption of chemicals, water and electricity.

Wash Dog BOX self-service washers can be equipped with additional elements.

Forms of payment for customers
Additional forms of payment, i.e. banknote reader and payment card terminal. For basic operation, payment with coins included in the standard version of the equipment is sufficient. For the convenience of customers, you can choose all forms, which will certainly increase their satisfaction and comfort when using the dog wash.

Hot water tank
If there is no hot water access the place of installation, the washer may have an internal hot water tank installed. Cold water only connection usually makes installation easier.

Dog stairs
Comfortable and stable steps, just like the entire car wash, have been made with attention to every detail. They will make it easier for even large and heavy dogs to enter the bathtub.

Details of technical requirements are available on request.

Each copy is manufactured in a Polish factory on an individual order by the company Stabile Machines sp. z o. o,


Wash Dog EXPRESS is an extraordinary housing for dog wash machine. Wash Dog EXPRESS was designed by Wash Dog team- specialist in operating dog wash shops. Wash Dog EXPRESS is a technology that makes you business run smooth.

Standard equipment:

  • neon LED
  • special ventilation system to provide good air movement
  • eletrical and lightning system
  • hydraulic instalation that is hair resistant
  • good drain system
  • sink
  • hanger for clothes
  • heating

Extraordinary equipment:

  • air conditioning


  • width: 3580 mm depth: 2400 mm hight: 3000 mm

Price: starts from 10 000 EUR net

mobile.: +48 606 674 045